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Take Steps for Post-Storm Recovery

Weeks since it was classified by the National Hurricane Center, Tropical Depression Florence has calmed. However, heavy rain still falls across much of the U.S. east coast causing flood risks.

High winds and heavy rain impacted thousands of homes and properties as the storm made landfall. Now, as recovery efforts begin, you may find a need for post-storm advice and tips.

There are important safety precautions to follow and useful guides to reference as you and your family get life back on track. To help, we have created a list that you can find at the bottom of this page. There you will find flood safety tips, generator maintenance tips, tips for hiring a great contractor and more. 
While here, make sure you check out our helpful preparation information to make sure you are ready when the next storm hits.

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Storm Preparation 101

There are measures you can take to ensure that you are as prepared as possible when a storm hits. Check out these helpful articles as you prepare for Florence to make landfall.

   Hurricane Preparation Tips - A guide of tips and tricks to follow as the storm approaches. 

   Securing Property in High Winds - Tips for securing your property properly as a storm approaches

   Flood Protection Tips - Flooding can be devastating. Our preparation tips help lessen the flood water’s impact.

   Waterproofing Your Home - Learn how to waterproof your home and protect it from flooding before a storm strikes.

   Backing Up Your EssentialsLearn how to choose a portable generator to back up your essentials during a power outage.

   Portable Generator Maintenance - Oil and fuel maintenance tips to prepare your portable generator for use. 

   Preserving Home Standby Oil - Tips on how to increase your home standby generator's lifespan by maintaining good oil quality.

   Pet Preparation - Protect your pets with these helpful pet preparation tips. Includes what to know for pet first-aid kits.

   Power Outage Preparation - Prepare your home for a power outage with these helpful preparation tips. 

   Hurricane Grocery List - A full guide for how to shop as you prepare for a storm with a printable grocery checklist.

A Storm Hit, Now What?

Florence may have a direct impact on your home and property. Information about what to do during and after a storm. 

   During Storm and Aftermath Tips - A list of tips for safety and aftermath if you choose to stay home during a storm.

   Spotting Great Contractors - Learn more about the practices that great contractors use when assessing damage after the storm. 

   Post Power Outage Safety Tips - Ensure your family's safety during and after a power outage with these safety tips.

   Floodwater Safety - Understand the risks that floodwaters pose, and identify symptoms of waterborne illnesses. 

   Home Standby Sizing Calculator - Use the home standby sizing calculator to find the best Home Standby unit to protect your whole home. 

   Portable Generator Sizer - Use the portable generator sizing calculator to find the best portable generator for your temporary power needs after a storm.

Want More Information?

Check out our full list of tips and tricks for storms in our Hurricane Preparedness Guide.